Teachers have solutions to everything.

Aug 18, 2010 |
I'm fully convinced--

especially since I am a teacher... that we are the solvers of the world. When you have a problem, i'm pretty sure any teacher can whip out somethin good - I'm pretty sure mothers have this same super power.

Roomieface is much loved by mosquitos. this probably wouldn't be a problem is she were living at home... she would probably have lots of medicine... be in nice cool air so she doesn't feel as itchy and wonderful parents to take care of her. Unfortunately, its 1000% humidity today, no A/C, new apartment and she has me to deal with.

I thought it was important for her to keep cool since it's obvi that we wouldn't have any medicine. LOL...we also have kind of luke warm water as "cold" water- no paper towels... so what was my solution you ask???

Take ur underwear (small, soaks up well..) and soak it and put it in the freezer. then use it as ice to put on ur bites.

problem solved. next? :)
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