Fall Trends that I LURVEE!!!

Sep 1, 2010 |
OH MAN. Can you believe today is Sept 1 and it is flippin' 95 degrees. My roommate and I were sitting in the dark with the A/C on and with the TV on (used as our light as well)-- and we were STILL sweating. We figured to keep the lights off to not only keep it cooler, but if the A/C is on, something else needs to be off. lol! gotta save energy! PUAHAH So maybe I can help mother nature remember that summer should be winding down and that fall should be here!!!

Anyway.. I believe that THIS is my season right now because I am LOVING so many of this year's fall trends!

Below are some of my FAVORITES:

Neutral Colors!! :)

OHhhhohhohooooo! Although I occasionally like to wear my pop of color, I am OBSESSED with neutral colors. So when I saw that Neutral colors were in (especially camel color and olive green), I am ON IT!

PURPLE!!! --Vibrant,Plums&Berries

This is another look that I absolutely love. Not only do I love wearing these plum-y colors, but I absolutely adore wearing plum and berry make up. Purple is one of the only colors I'll venture off to wear on my eyes and I absolutely can't WAIT for fall to come around so I can dive into my berry lipsticks.

Sheer Tops

Now, this sounds kinda sexy and sultry, but there are so many ways to make this look classy. Sheer, lace, see throughish things hooray! I have a bunch of lacy overshirts that I rocked back in the day- and I'm glad it's come back... because it really is such a beautiful look!

Dark Smokey Eye Shadow Looks

Whether it be lots of black eyeliner (YES!) or lots of smokey shadow, dark heavy looks are in! The emphasis this time around is less on the eyelashes, but more on your shadow look:)

Red Lips

Now I am not good at rocking red lips, but I love love love to try! hahaha :) The best I get is rockin' a good red gloss, so its not so harsh on my lips, but at least since many more people will be rockin' the look... maybe I can venture off to getting some red lipsticks as well. So excited this is coming in!

Some other things are leather, double breasted blazers, over the knee boots, cut-out clothes, military look&vests!! FALL COME QUICKER!!!!

What are some fall trends that you are looking forward to ROCKIN'!?? :)
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Doughboy said...

hi babe, its me Mario =) <3 <3

st said...

fall = scarves! i can't wait!!

tiff wong said...

i love the sheer tops too! :) too bad i don't know how to put on make up well otherwise maybe i'd like smokey eyes, but they might make me look like a drug addict. ;)


Ritzyy said...

herrrOOOoo gorgeous! i am LURVVVVVN UR STYLLLLEEEE ;) u hot n sexy mama! <3 im lookn forward to rocking infiniti scarves and pashminas ANDDDDDDDD last but not least KNEE high boots! (if i can get them over my knees) HAHAHAHHAHAH


Unknown said...

sheer tops are awesome -- wore a sheer dress to school today (of course with a something under!).

fall favorite? gotta agree with ritzy and sandra - BOOTS and SCARVES (reminds me of "boots and skirts")!

Lena said...

i feel like such a copycat but dude, totally boots. i was so excited that i actually wore them yesterday... in 90+ degree weather... laura saw it... hahahaaa BOOTS <3333

Unknown said...

great trends review=)
i luv the neutrals for this fall/winter n looking to buy a winer coat in a caramel color...i have a burberry trench coat in a neutral color but for some reason i look so stupid in it..lol but because it's burberry i'm so reluctent to give it away..lol

some trends i'm currently loving are tops (shirts/sweaters) with shoulder decorations..i got couple of shirts with squences and metal studs on the shoulders recently that i really liike n also shirts with ruffled or puffed up shoulders which was a big trendy thing last year but i still see in continuing on this year.. and army green color cargo pant that are tight/skinny jean style! they look awesome with ankle boots (heels or flats!)

congrats on starting ur blog!

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