How to: Conceal Under eye circles

Sep 16, 2010 |

If there is one thing that I hate on my face, it's definitely my under eye circles. these pictures will not do my under eyes justice because of the lighting... so thank goodness for crappy lighting that makes my under eyes look better! haha!

I'm gone in and out and up and down to find the best of the best eye cosmetics to cover and conceal and this is the best combo i have so far.

This is my first blog tutorial, so sorry i'm not skilled yet with taking pictures close up of my face while i'm trying to do stuff! LOL!

Step 1: Use a color corrector

I think that this is the BEST color corrector (I would even venture over to say concealer as well) I've ever used in my life. I'm not sure HOW i lived without this product!!

Step 2: Use a concealer or brightener

I sometimes switch off between this concealer and the MUFE concealer. I find that this one provides more full coverage and more of a dewy finish. MUFE is good for days where my under eyes aren't too bad. :)

Step 3: (OPTIONAL) Put on a translucent powder

I enjoy putting on a translucent powder to set my concealer in place, BUT if u enjoy the nice dewy look of concealer, then I would opt out of this step. I also like to put LOTS of product underneath my eyes. After I do that, I put on my eye make up and it does a great job catching any fall out that my shadows might've made.

Step 4: Put on eye makeup, dust off under eyes.. and voila! you're all done ;)
Hope that was helpful for all of you that are concerned with your under eye circles!

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Kigen Candles said...

Thanks for the tips Jess!!!!

Shop Citygirl said...

I'll have to def try the GA master corrector. I'm always looking for a great concealer because I also hate my dark circles!

thanks for the tip!!!

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