neglected, eh?

Nov 10, 2010 |
i've had so much work to do! its so annoying!! hahaha and i've had this strange sickness for this past week. i was nauseous, had headaches, occasionally (maybe just once actually) had a racing heart beat and felt so tired. felix had similar symptoms too.. i wonder what happened. but sleeping for the wholeee weekend, i felt a lot better. HM!!!

Anyway, I spent the whole weekend in bed as Felix took care of me, got to play games freely without me nagging him and fed me frigin arthritis tylenol because they didn't have regular tylenol! AHHA!!! he said it was fine, but i'm still gonna fight him on it! I aint gonna be rubbin no vicks vapor rub if i have a stomach flu. so why would i take arthritis meds if i got some weird crap that isn't arthritis! hahaha!

either way, it made me realize how much felix cares about me (but damn, when we grampers he'll def be feeding me the wrong meds) and that he is actually kinda good at taking care of others.... you hear that everyone!? he's not just a complete jokester... he's actually a decent human being down in there! :) Thanks fel :)) *blushes*

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