BEST conditioner ever.

Dec 28, 2010 |

although Michelle, who is the owner and maker of all things cozy moments, makes amazing bath and body products, I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE her deep hair conditioner. It is by far my favorite product of hers and her conditioner far surpasses any other deep hair conditioner I've tried. I recently made a purchase of her conditioners from her online store since I was buying some for my sister.

I asked her if she had anymore Sugary Pink Kisses conditioner anymore since it was my absolute favorite conditioner scent of hers... she was all out :( So I opted to get the Sweet Angel Kisses instead. I still love it! It's not as "pink sugary" scented, but more floral with a really nice sweet note to it. (Less Warm)

The reason why I love her hair conditioners is because it truly is a DEEP hair conditioner. Most hair conditioners make my hair silky and nice, but I know that this stuff really gets deep into your hair. Not only that, it has the most DIVINE smell. I remember once I used this in my hair (while everyone loved on the scent in my hair) and two days later (I wash my hair every other day) I was showering at Felix's place and used his shampoo and conditioner and when I got out, I could smell my Pink Sugared Pumpkin Cheesecake conditioner!!! Even Felix noticed! He was like, it smells like pumpkin pie! And it's not that I suck at washing my hair, it's just that this stuff really WORKS! :)

Scents I've Tried in her Hair Conditioner:

Sweet Angel Kisses: As I've said, kind of floral with some sweet fruity scents added. Basically like the "pink sugar" smell, but without the warm-ness of it!

Sugary Pink Kisses: Smells just like the pink sugar scent with a nice floral note afterwards (MY FAVORITE BY FAR)

Pink Sugar Pumpkin Cheesecake: Delicious Pink sugar scent with an AMAZINGLY spicy warm pumpkin cheesecake smell to it. This is actually the only scent i didn't quite like in the tub.. it was too spicy for me.. BUT after I showered... it was PHENOM.

Michelle is seriously one of the best sellers also. She could sense my disappointment because there were no more sugary pink kisses, so she scent me a free sugary pink kisses melt cup! I'm OBSESSED with that smell (LOL, i've been taking the melt cup with me to get little sniffs here and there.... that's how crazy it is)!!! :) Also, with every purchase she sticks in some samples (that are really nicely packaged).. I got a little tub of Cake Batter Ice Cream body butter that I gave my sister because i knewww she would love that!

Grade: A+

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Unknown said...

ooo maybe it'll be good for my dry scalp, lol. :)

Jess said...

probably. ohhh too bad i could've given you some to try. maybe next time. it's AMAZING. i absolutely will never go back to anything else!!!

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