Birch Box Dec 2010

Dec 11, 2010 |
My first birchbox!!! :) If you dont know what a birchbox is, it's basically this company that sends you 4-5 samples of high end products (such as nars, stila, laura mercier, etc.) for either $10/month OR $110/year! Although you don't get to CHOOSE what you get, it's such a fun surprise!

This is great for a person like me who LOVES to splurge on random crap, but then I realize I dont actually like the product.. which sucks because now I spent all this money to waste it! This is a great way to try a product out for a low price!

What's cool about it is that if you like the product, they offer the full size. On top of that, if you fill out surveys and stuff you can earn points which can earn you birch box dollars to use for any full size products you buy! DOESN'T THAT SOUND LIKE FUN!!!

Well, I wanted to show you what was in my very first Birch Box! :)

How cute is this box? This is what you first get when you receive the package!

This is what it looks like when you open it! I love the sleek packaging!

This is what it looks like when you open it! It has two cards: one that explains what birchbox is and the other showing you all of the products that you are receiving.

Heres the list of goodies and their prices :)

This is what the inside of the box looks like. WOW they really go all out on their packaging!

Look at their annoyingly cute snowflakes to celebrate the holidays!!! :)

Product #1: Blow Up: Hair Thickening Mist (pretty big sample!)

Product #2: Jouer luminizing moisture tint in Glow

Pretty Thick for a tinted moisturizer! I like-y! I dont know if you can tell, I blended it in my skin on the top to see what it would look like. its more opaque than usual tinted moisturizers. this seems dark on my hand, but my face is also darker than my hand lol!

Product #3: Serge Lutens Perfume- good thing i have this sample because i do NOT enjoy it! its a bit too manly of a smell for me! haha!

Lastly, you get a stila lip glaze in Kitten! This is just a LITTLE smaller than the full size, but i've had this size before and it lasts FOREVER! this I think is an awesome sample that makes this worth it!

Here's just a close up of the color :)

Hope you enjoy a sneak peak of my Birchbox! I'm thinking about ordering it for a year but don't know if I want to shell out the 100 bucks! Do you think it's worth it?!?!?! It was just SO much fun receiving this little surprise!

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Unknown said...

ooo that's such a great idea! you should do the 1 year! it'll be so fun to look forward to a nice surprise each month! :)

Anonymous said...

omg I think I want to get one of these. I am the same way and I look for the little product to buy so I dont feel bad that I spend a bunch of money on the product that I didnt like.

Jess said...

laura: I'm thinking about it! but fronting 110 dollars seems like it's not worth it compared to 10 dollars a week.. except when you think about it .... hahah! (enabler!)

Mia: Yes! you should! It was such a fun little surprise!!! :))

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