Bridal Hair and Make up!

Jan 6, 2011 |
One of my besties, Tiff, wanted to see some possible options for her hair and make up since she will be a beautiful bride in June :) I just wanted to show you some of the pics cus she looks gorgeous! (well she was already gorg to begin with!) This will definitely prep me for doing my very first hair trial for a bride-to-be this weekend! I'm so nervous!! AH!

 Here's T with all her make up done! It was hard because I didn't have all of my make up products since I'm at my Dad's, but we did what we could do! :)

 Here's one without flash. She looks so sultry! I love this pic of her :P

Her with her waves before we started to do some pin up action! 

What her hair ended up looking like!! 

 Things are a little bit rough because I knew she didn't want to wear this hair all day, so there was not too much teasing and not a lot of hairspray to put things in place!

 LOL look at all them fly aways :P but you get the picture!

The Final look! :) you look so pretty! (and no, it's not because of me!)
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Unknown said...

aww, she looks beautiful! :)

Unknown said...

she looks lovely ^_^ and I love the curled bun.

sweetcharade518 said...

That style looks so pretty on her!

Jess said...

thanks you three lovelies!! :) i'm so glad you girls enjoyed the look!!

Lala said...

so beautiful !

xo lala

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