Asian Beauty Haul: First Impressions

Feb 4, 2011 |
So I was killing some time today shopping for some stuff before I go on a one month cosmetics fast :P and picked up some asian beauty things! So cute! I picked up three things, but got some nice little samples too :) (not pictured whoops!) I really got suckered in with packaging today... everything I got was just SO darn cute. I couldn't resist!

Apple Hand Lotion
First, I went to The Face Shop, which the one I go to, the people there are really nice, non intrusive and not snooty. usually I end up in stores where they are overly nice to try and get you to buy stuff and are all up in ur face, or they are really mean and not nice. I picked up this apple hand cream simply because it was just the cutest thing in the world. I mean let's be honest here, LOOK AT IT. who doesn't want to just WHIP out a fake little apple and fake people out by saying its lotion? I dont think I know one person. LOL.

The smell is PHENOMENAL. if you like apple-y scents. by god, you will love this! (aka if you are obsessed the MBD mask apple face mask, you will be obsesssed with this! :P) The hand lotion it self is incredibly watery. It's not greasy one bit and leaves ur hands feeling really smooth. Unfortunately, I found myself needing more pretty soon afterwards because my hands felt dry again. Would I buy this again? Probably. Mainly because of the smell and cute packaging. The product, meh. just okay. (they also have this in orange and lemon!)

FACE it - 4D Perfection Concealer Kit
I also picked up their new FACE it - 4D Perfection Concealer Kit. How beautiful is this packaging? (again, I know I am a sucker).. I love how this packaging has a small little mirror in the middle and its cool swivel packaging is really unique. I also love how it has a secret passage way for a sponge tip applicator!

The product itself is really nice. It's creamy, but not too heavy... but not too light. It's a really pleasant consistency and the highlighter is a nice dry highlighter that won't make u feel extra greasy. This product seems promising, but I will let you know in the future how it is :) --I'm in shade 23 (there were only 2 offered, this one and a lighter one).

Kim Won Hee Lip Gloss 
Lastly, I went to Beauty Credit. Their new Kim Won Hee lip gloss and blushes came out recently in this beauty credit. sigh again... my eyes were naturally drawn to the beautiful pretty crystal-y heart packaging. LOL. oy me.

They had a nice array of colors, but I of course got directed my eyes toward the more nude-ish colors. I think this was a pretty cute milky beige color (or as fuz likes to say MILK TEA!). When you apply it on, its less milky and more of that greasy feel. I felt as if I was putting on thinned out vaseline on my lips. (omg what if its just vaseline with color! lol) This for some people may be a good or bad thing. For me... it's neutral lol. In addition to that, the color was not as pigmented as I'd hoped. I can see the subtle color of it, but in all honesty, it looked more just like.... i put regular gloss on. On the upside, it's a pretty long lasting product. I put some on my lips about 2.5 hours ago and I can still feel it on my lips and they feel particularly hydrated. Thats a surprising plus! :)

Welp! That was it! Thanks for reading folks!
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Elisa ♥ said...

Cute packaging of the lotion, i almost thought it was the mask of tony moly o_o <3

Sue Lynn said...

LOL So pretty! I really need to give TFS a closer look! I usually just breeze by it (and SkinFood) without much thought :P
Hmmmm...I think I saw a Beauty Credit standalone outlet here, but it's awful getting a parking spot :( And the lady looks none-too-friendly if I were to just window-shop ^_^

Saf ♥ said...

I love the packaging on these items, how unique!

Jess said...

@Elisa- YES! I thought it was tony moly at first and got SOOO excited!!! then realized it was not... (whomp whomp).. but it was still so cute i had to get it! lol :)

@Sue Lynn- OMG YES! you should! a lot of things there for me are hit or miss, but a lot of the things i got from TFS i really love!! :) ugh i would die for a skinfood here! i love their products! (maybe because we have so little asian stuff i have bad asian taste. lol) yeah they must just hire mean beauty credit people cus the one at my mall was not nice either >:(

@Å¡maryam - isn't it?? it gets me every time. sigh.

Unknown said...

Reminds me of TonyMoly and Baviphat...ahha food shaped packaging kills me cuz its so cute xD

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