Mar 17, 2011 |
Let's Help Japan!! :) 

This giveaway is in hopes to get you all involved in helping Japan out. As beauty lovers, it's easy to just buy a 10 dollar mascara, but why don't we use that money this month to help people that really need it right now! I've made a firstgiving page that directly donates to American Red Cross in helping out Japan. 

In order to enter the giveaway, you must donate a minimum of 5 dollars (PLUS site fees) - for every dollar you donate, you get 1 entry (I will always round up to the nearest dollar). Please leave your youtube account as your name so I can easily track you down if you are the winner. 

You also must be either a subscriber of my youtube, follower of my blog, or a facebook friend because I need some way of contacting you if you are the winner. 

Other ways to enter: 

I also understand that many people do not have access to a credit card. I do want to get you all involved as well. SO... since I was doing Project March Pan - which is now Project Japan Pan - I have banned myself from buying make up for the month, and every make up product I finish, I am donating 10 dollars to American Red Cross. If you dare join me in this endeavor, for every product YOU finish, you will get 1 entry in the giveaway. Just make sure you email/facebook me a picture of your finish project with your youtube name and you will be entered! 

Also, if you post about this on your facebook, blog or youtube channel, that will be 1 entry FOR EACH in this giveaway. Just make sure I know about it so I can mark it down. 

share the love, heal the world. ♥

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ErinElizabeth said...

You have the most beautiful soul, Miss. Lee!!! Love you to pieces!!! xoxoxo

ProjectRadiate said...

Project Radiate loves what you are doing to support so many that are hurting!!! Thank you for everything you do!!! :)

Jess said...

thank you erin & liz. you two are the best <3

Unknown said...

This is really admirable jessica ^_^

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