Hair Trial for my FIRST bride! :)

Mar 12, 2011 |
I've done a lot of hair and make up for people... bridesmaids, proms, sweet sixteens... but i've never done a BRIDE. I feel like a bride is such a hugeeee responsibility! OMG! haahah :) BUT... i just had my final trial with a bride. I did her hair and her friend did her make up. It was super fun-- and I want to show you just a glimpse of the magic that happened today!

First, I will do a Before&After picture, so you can see, just what we did!! 

Veronica (who needs to start her blog NOW!!!) and I. My sister was laughing at us because Veronica wasn't wearing any make up and was doing Ji's make up and my hair was a HOT mess and i was doing her hair! LOL! 

Lol, right when it came out of the curlers! 
Her hair is coming together! I am almoooost done pinning... 

Almost Ready....

Ohh so artistic! haha :) 

The talented Veronica, doing Ji's make up! 

Side View... 

Back View.. - the final look with the beautiful hair clip! 

Isn't my sister such a good photographer? :) 

Veronica's make up masterpiece! 

The happy couple! I can't wait for the big day!!! :)))) 

Hope you enjoyed that! :) xoxoo 

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Unknown said...

wow jess u did amazing with her hair....i might have to have u do mine one day

ErinElizabeth said...

Just beautiful Jess!!! You are so talented! Jill is going to be stunning on her wedding day!!!

Unknown said...

Everything was done really well! The makeup is natural but still sophisticated~ and I LOVE the hair - LOVE it. The curls are so round and bouncy looking ^^

Mindy♥ said...

Absolutely gorgeous!! You are amazing. :) The curls in the hair look perfect! <3

sharon said...

you're amazing!!! :)

Dorothy said...

omg jessss!!!
you dont need beautician classes, you're already a pro!!

Unknown said...

those are GORGEOUS colors. i really want to try them now!

following you now :)

Valentina Dang said...

omyggguh Jess, you are talented! I could never do that -_____-"

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