Bridal Hair :)

May 14, 2011 |
Here's some footage from the wedding party's hair that I did! :)

Here was the first bridesmaid :) --she asked for a higher updo with some curls :)

 Here's the maid of honor :) -- the bride's sister! She wanted a low messy bun on the side!

 Here's the beautiful bride gettin' her beauty on! (lol, do you like how i blurred my face? HAHA!)

 So the final look ended up being way bigger than her trial because her hair grew so long!! -but she said she preferred it bigger - so it all worked out! :)

Here's the third girl's hair that I did, she just wanted a side pony tail with some loose curls :) Plain and simple!

Here's the last girl that I did. She just wanted really soft curls with the sides pinned up a little bit!

Because we were running out of time, my sister decided to do her hair by herself :) She NEVER knew how to do her hair or make up. I used to always do her hair for her, but then when we realized that I was moving back to NY and she was staying in MA, she said, OK thats it! You are going to teach me how to do this! So I finally taught her how to curl her hair with a straightener - and now she cannot live without it! :) She did such a great job!!

Here's the maid of honor again :)

 Hope you enjoy the pictures! xoxo

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Stina said...

WOW I LOVE the side messy bun it is AMAAAAIZING! all the pictures are beautiful!

Mindy♥ said...

SO absolutely gorgeous!! Everyone looked stunning! <3

MisoJenny said...

beautiful!! Great job Jess jess! <3

Unknown said...

Holy crap, I LOVE the messy side buns you did! How are you Jessica?! I'm so behind on YT vids (been so busy the past 2 months) but I did get a glimpse of your newspaper nails video and it was SO COOL.

monica 15 said...

ugly ewwww

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