Lioele Vita Shake Packs

Janie who is the owner of pretty&cute sent me a couple of these little babies to try. Ok. Before I begin reviewing anything, can we get something out of the way?? -- How adorable is this packaging? This product makes me want to go to a sunny vacation spot with a huge floppy sun hat & big framed sunglasses and sip on a nice mixed drink... you know, the pretty ones with the fruit garnishes? ;)

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Anyway, besides being sold by the packaging already, is the product's quality as good as the cuteness of it all? Or is the cuteness just trying to mask behind a crappy product? I was ready to find out. 

So the Lioele Vita Shake Packs are basically face masks that you wash off. There are six different fruit flavors and they all contain grains of real fruit! whoa!!! -so now a complete assumption- this is why they come in little individual packages, so they remain fresh! Each flavor has a different purpose. Below are the descriptions.
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Anyway, Janie sent me 3 in Cranberry, Kiwi & Papaya. She's so cute! She put them in this cute little baggy like they were little treats!

 My skin has been breaking out lately, so I decided to use the cranberry one. I was sold because it said some kind words to me on the package that got me thinking that I needed to use it.

It said this: Controls Skin trouble effectively and hydrates for softer and moister skin texture (lol, cute wording). It convinced me!
Unfortunately, after I opened it, I realized I could probably use the kiwi and papaya ones too.. haha dang. my skin sucks right now.. :P 

So the directions are to tear open the pack and SMOTHER (again, amazing choice of words) the product into a mask on your face. Leave it on for 10-15 minutes, and wash it off with lukewarm water. I did just that and this is how much product came out of that little pack! I was so surprised to see so much product! It was the perfect amount to cover my whole face :) It has a beautiful fruity scent to it - I'm supposing it is cranberry - but all it smelled like to me was fruity and sweet!

After about 15 minutes on my face, it didn't feel much different from when I first put it on except a slight cooling effect. It felt nice, but nothing special. When I washed the product off my face, it felt just as gooey as when I put it on.

By the way, I was sporting my pretty&cute bowhair fringes when i was doing my mask ;) 

After my face was washed, my skin did feel noticeably smoother. It felt like the day after I put on a my beauty diary face mask or something. It also felt incredibly hydrated. I find that usually after I put on any sort of face mask that helps to "control skin" -- it leaves my face so dry and so tight. I didn't feel that with the cranberry shake pack. It does feel a bit tighter, but at the same time, my skin feels incredibly moisturized.

It's been about 1.5 hours after I took off my face mask and I noticed that my face still feels really cool and it's beginning to feel a bit tighter. It doesn't feel dry or icky, it just feels a little bit tingly. Which to me, is a great thing because even after I washed it off... I know something in this product is still working inside my skin.

Am I completely sold that this product is awesome? After one use, I'm not sure. I'm not sure if it's any better than any other sheet mask or face mask... but is it good enough for me to want to try more to see if it is? YES! After about 30 minutes after I washed my face, my fingers quietly tiptoed onto the prettyandcute website and ordered a variety pack. I'm pretty confident this is going to be an awesome product. I can't tell you that yet because I only tried it once... 1.5 hours ago, but I have high hopes. I think this is going to be a goodie.

But come on, seriously? It's worth a shot. Not only is the packaging ADORABLE, but it's great to share with friends who have different skin, it's really affordable and it's a one time use thing, so its great for travel! :D

The lioele vita shake pack could be found here  - you can order cranberry, apple mango, blueberry, kiwi, lemon papaya, or a variety pack. The cost is $14.50. (10% coupon down below which will make your total $13.05) Each package comes with 20 masks. The variety pack comes with 3 of each masks and 2 surprise masks ;) That comes out to be about 73c (really 65c with the coupon code) per mask. That's AWESOME compared to sheet masks that range anywhere from $1.50-3.00 each!

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If you make a purchase from, you can use the coupon code: jessicalee422 to get 10% Lioele products (including the vita shake pack!) OR you can put jessicalee422 in the comment box to get a FREE SURPRISE gift :)
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Unknown said...

ahah the packaging is pretty darn cute -- ^_^ Definitely summer-y!

Mish said...

I love the packaging too ! Th different fruit flavours sound delish.


Elisa ♥ said...

Love the packaging !! :D

Ke said...

awww cute :)

Fi said...

I'll be definitely giving those a try...
My skin's been giving me problems as well! Also they do sound delicious.

Light Love said...

SUPER COOOT! :) i wanna try them out myself ^_^

Anonymous said...

Super cute!!

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