Daddy Diaries

Jun 19, 2011 |
I'm sure you missed these. HAHA :) 

Fel could not stop laughing when I was reading our convo out loud. love it.
This was our GChat Chat :) 

 me:  hi daddy
how was your night?
 Dad:  Ok. I am stay at home for dinner.
 me:  Did you have a relaxing night?
 Dad:  yes. watch Tv do nothing
 me:  anything good on TV?
 Dad:  inception
 Dad:  dream in the dream
 me:  Oh that's a good movie
 me:  yeah, did you ever watch it before?
 Dad:  no, it started last night in HBO
 me:  Oh it's a great movie! I just finished all my homework until wednesday and now I am writing my speech - it makes me so nervous!
 Dad:  you are a teacher. you should get use to.
 me:  Well teaching is very different from doing a speech in front of lots of parents and pastors and people my age!
 Dad:  i know that.
i am going to take a shower. 
Dad signs off. 
Dad signs on 2 minutes later. 
Dad: have a good night. love you.

My dad is amazing. probably the best man ever. 

happy father's day everyone :) 

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