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Jun 5, 2011 |
I've always been a die hard Fresh-ie, but can never justify the price for skin care since I hardly wash my face (I promise I'm changing!). Well, my friend and I were able to get appointments for a Fresh facial -- and it's SO amazing because although the facial is $125, you are able to get $125 worth of products. So basically you end up buying $125 worth of stuff and get a free facial! 

The facial was such an amazing relaxing experience. It's unlike a typical facial because you don't go through any extractions and there is no real 'pain' in it. It's just a wonderful spa-like experience! :) 

I tried to be a creepster and take pictures of the facial place! HAHA! 

The sink where the facial lady did everything! 

  That was the head of where I lied :D It was so relaxing!!! 

An incredibly dark picture of all the products she used on me! 

And then here are the products that I picked up!

Soy Cleanser - one of my FAVORITE cleansers in life. Its so gentle, yet it does a wonderful job at taking off make up! On top of that, it smells delish- like cucumbers and rose petals. Yum!

Floral Water - this is a hydrating toner. I absolutely love this. It is alcohol free and spritzing it makes me feel luxurious and hydrated! It also has a lovely rose scent to it!

Umbrian Clay Mask - such a great clay mask. I really love it! The facialist put this mask on with the rose petal mask on top which was AMAZING, but I couldn't justify paying the extra for the rose mask. but I have been using this mask and it does an amazinggg job at making my skin feel clean without feeling too tight or uncomfortable.

Pink Grapefruit & Sugar Lychee Soaps - YUM!!!! I haven't tried these soaps yet, but they smell amazing!!! :)

Citron de Vigne lotion - omg I love this scent! It's a nice sophisticated summer scent. Smells like flowers, pink grapefruit, citrus... it is just such a divine scent! I was so lucky because she gave me a sample scent for it! :D

Samples/Free Gifts: Sugar Lip gloss (smells SO good), Citron de Vigne perfume, Black Tea Instant Perfecting Mask and a small travel size fresh cleanser!! :D

If there is a fresh store by you, i would DEFINITELY recommend going !!! - if not, they have fresh @ sephora where you can try out their products! :)
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