All Natural Sunscreens?

Jul 4, 2011 |
I'm looking for a great All Natural Sunscreen... for my face (sensitive and combo oily that won't leave me feeling greasy or smelly or feeling like I got product on my face!) AND for my body!

I've got some recommendations here and there but was wondering if there were any others out there that I must try OR if anyone has tried any of these products and recommend (or not recommend) them!

Here are the ones I've heard of!

Vive Sana Sunscreen in SPF 40

Josie Maran Protect Sunscreen with Argan Oil SPF 40+

LaVanila Sunscreen in SPF 30

Aveeno Mineral Block Sunscreen in SPF 30
(Tiffany from Naturesknockout recommends this! She said she's been loving it!) 

Chocolate Sun Moisturizer with SPF 30
(surprisingly doesn't smell like chocolate LOL!)

Thoughts?? xoxo

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frecklesspeckles said...

I highly recommend Biore Aqua Watery Mousse or Essence. They're physical sunscreens I believe. It's so light weight you feel nothing on your skin!

Jess said...

frecklesspeckles! this was one of my favorite sunscreens! I just finished it :D I love it so much! I'm not sure if it's all natural, but I want to go the all natural route and hopefully pick up a sunscreen that's big enough to use for my whole body! :) Yay!! I love when people hear about that sunscreen! it's AMAZING!

Unknown said...

it would've been so awesome if that chocolate sun moisturizer smelled like chocolate!!

perricone md's more than moisture spf 30 and la roche posay;s anthelios spf60 ultra fluid lotion are both really great for sensitive skin=) i'm not sure if these are all natural (most likely not) but they are just as safe as some of the all natural ones out there=)

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