Fresh Pop Up Truck!

Jul 3, 2011 |
ultimate fail LOL!

So my friend Alice and I went to go check out the Fresh Pop Up Truck in Bryant Park last Thursday because it said you got a free tote and lip treatment!!! It seemed so fun and promising.... until we got there :P We had gotten there 2 hours before we had class, around 11:45 (it started around 11) and there was the hugest line!

There was also the cutest little truck.... with billions of people shoved in there! Who knew how long it would take for it to be our turn! So we just got our free totes and opted to ditch, since I have pretty much every fresh product there is and will be going for another facial in a couple of weeks with erin when she comes to visit NY. (cannot wait) HAHA :)

Here are some pictures that I took from the event :)
Look how long the line is - and we were in the middle of the line, it started to go around the corner!

 Until next time! xoxo
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GothamPolish said...

Ahhh how fun!!! Too bad I was working :/ although I would have been sad if I wasn't working and didn't know about this lol. I remember there was a similar Benefit giveaway last year or so! I love finding random free giveaways around NYC hehe. I got a can of Jamba energy juice last week randomly on the street coming home from work :)

Jess said...

i know i love it!!!! i'll keep on the look out and be sure to inform before i go next time... JUST incase you can make it out ;) xoxo

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