July 4th weekend hiphiphoooray

Jul 5, 2011 |
Saturday- Woodbury= went with Jess and my mom to the outlet, there were a lot of flies there, one loves us so much that it decided to follow us around through out the day. Jess was tired the whole day and was kinda grum grum.

Sunday- had a combine service @ church, everyone there spoke chinese, it was awkwardly awkward. Jess was tired and she went to sleep after church. but she wasn't too grum grum.

Monday- Went to adventureland with Jess in the morning, we won two angry birds and a smurf then we went to the outlet in deer park, when Jess came out from the bathroom, she squeezed my booboo and the spanish guy standing next to us saw it and laugh. Jess was not too grum grum.

Grum grum level = 1/3
cry cry level= 0
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Phil said...

Squeezing the booboos automatically reduces the grum grum

Jess said...

PHILIP. -______-

jen - booboo = boobies, grum grum = grumpy -__-

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