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Sep 7, 2011 |
Do you know what my favorite part about doing make up and hair for other people? It's when they look at themselves in the mirror and think 'wow, i look dang beautiful' - it gives them the confidence to feel beautiful on their special day. That was just a side note.. anyways ...

Steph is my best friend -- I can't believe that my two best friends got married this year! holy bajezus! haha :D Well here's a little peekster at the beautiful bride-to-be :)

Here is the before and after :)

So you know, Steph is an extremely busy girl that is always running around/biking around, doing crazy things, exploring the wild, loving on africa, going extremely out of her way to do things... like sew quilts for people or hand make stuff --- in fact, she HANDMADE me my very first hairstyling apron! :) So it should be no surprise to you that during any chance she can get, she will sleep.... like during the trial. LOL.

Anyways, for make up she wanted to do a really natural look that would enhance her features but that would look very nature-y. I think on the actual day, I may use a bit more matte shadows and use less glossy lips. :)

Here is her hair look- she wanted to do a really romantic, boho-ish, look with some textures and what not. Unfortunately, its not my best work because she has the thickest hair ever (and A LOT OF IT!) so when i tried to hide any of her thick hair, the end result still looked really big! She will be getting a haircut and thinning out her hair, so I believe the look will be more of what she and I are both looking for! In addition, the front section will be a bit more wavy - it isn't during the trial because she took a shower that morning so the water weighed her hair down a bit!

 What a beautiful bride Steph is going to make! I can't wait for her big day! It's gonna be on a big beautiful farm with lots of fun goodies!! She is one of the most creative people I know, so u know it'll be a goodie! Congrats bubba! love you!

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Jen said...

congrats on her engagement and marriage soon! :) She looks beautiful ^^

stephervescent said...



I think you should have also put photos when you did my hair for frosh/soph/jr prom/sr prom.. :)

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