The night FAT BOY PROPOSED TO eat the can of PEACH

Oct 16, 2011 |
Tonight i proposed to Jess, it was a long long journey to reach this point but I think it was all worth it.

The setup- a few months ago, through the ingenious idea of Phil Cheng and myself, we asked all Jess's close friends to create a vid to talk about us and some of their most memorable moment with us. After all vids were submitted, Phil edited the video.

A week before the proposal, had glow stick for sale and I got excited so I brought 12 dozen glow sticks.

The night I propose to Jess: It was amazing, no rain, morning time was extremely windy but night time was okiee dokiee, After Laura Cheng "trick" Jess out, i carry on my plan by going to 7-11 and get some ice. my brother John went to pick up sushi and Phil while I went to pick up Jess's sister Sharon and our friend Lisa after.

Everything went according to plan, we met Pastor Scott at the door of Boon Church and he open the door for us, we proceeded to downstair sanctuary and began set up right away. John and I were breaking glow sticks while Sharon and Lisa work on the "Will you Marry me sign", Phil was on the computer working the video. Steph and Normie came too and help us set up the romantic lights! Then the rest of the crew showed up (San, Dot, Rich, Wells, Will, Nelson), we began to put glow sticks on each side of the stair case that leads to a glow stick heart in the middle of the sanctuary, then we put a chair in it.

Set up were all ready, Laura came around 10, all of us hid behind the partition in the back of the sanctuary, I told everyone not to fart and secretly I farted once. Jess came in, saw in the seat while the video plays, once it ended, I ran next to her and put my hands on her face, she was cry cry already, i told her we been together for a long time and tonight will be the most memorable night for us, then Phil help me flip the board that said " Will you marry me" then i was on my knees with the ring in my hand, then Jess said Yes and then I put it on her finger.

Everyone ran out from the partition, there was a loud cheer from me, everyone very happy, then we took pictures and hug and hug and hug and hug. then we went to my house and we ate sushi and chat and drank champagne. It was a fun night filled with love, laughter, good food and hugs, I don't know if there can be anything better than that. it was a great night and then I show Steph and Normie and Sharon and Lisa the " How to make anyone fall in love with you" book, they were amaze, I'm amaze that i still remember some stuff in there..

Jess cry cry: 2 times
Jess hug hug: 15 times
Jess grumgrum: 0 times
Jess look at her diamond ring: too many times/ priceless
There are something money can't buy, for everything else, you need more than one Mastercard!

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tiff nguyen said...

hahaha. LOOOVE IT!!! i so wish i was there. love you both so much!!!! i want to see this "how to make anyone fall in love with you" book too... is that how you tricked jessy? ;) LOVE YOU!

omgitsconnie said...

lol.. Felix, i love your ingenious proposal.. when i saw glowsticks on the floor, i wondered if you saw it from and indeed that's where you got it from lol.. congrats to you and Jess! i wish you guys a lifetime of happiness!!!

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