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Nov 22, 2011 |
Today Jess and I went to see wedding venues with our friend Mel and Eric. It was very tiring. The first place smells like old people but the balcony was very nice. The second place was very nice but the old man who greeted us smells old and snobby. Third place looks very old but the lady who showed us around was very nice, the price was also very nice (as in nice for rich people). The last place looks very old, smells very old but the girl who greeted us was young but wasn't very nice. and it also has a lot of nudie statue and painting in there.

So I think we like number 2 the best, even tho the old man smells very old and rusty. Im still trying to get Jess to let me to wear Dynasty warrior clothing for wedding, so far its not working very well, must try harder! is having a xbox 360 & kinetic bundle deal at 2pm, I will be clicking a lot, please pray for my finger.

Felix level up!! movement +5 sleepiness +10
Jess level up!! movement +5 grumgrumness + 10
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