Hipapotheca.com Black Friday Sale Picks :)

You guys KNOW how much I love hipapotheca - this is a company that sells different brands of all natural/organic products. The thing I love about them is that the one thing they don't skimp out on is quality. The people behind hipapotheca handpick each brand and product to give you the best all natural products out there.

I'm so excited that they are offering a 20% off code for black friday AND a deluxe body polish sample of their newest edition.. Soap Girl!

Here are my picks that I would recommend to you:

Antipodes Rejoice Light Facial Day Cream

  • This has become one of my favorite creams of all time. It's great for all types of skin... meaning its great for all different parts of my face. I absolutely adored this during the summer time, yet I STILL love it for the colder weather! It's nongreasy and has a almond dough kind of smell! 

John Masters Blood Orange and Vanilla Body Wash 

  • Fantastic. I absolutely LOVEEEE this smell (if you don't like warm and citrusy smells, they have a nonscented one) and has such a nice luxurious feel when you are using it! 

Adara Coconut Oil in Peach 

  • love love love! I absolutely adore coconut oil for all my needs, but this peach flavor is particularly fantastic. It smells like peach rings and works like a charm. I personally like to use it on my hands as a hand treatment.. and the smell lingers! 

MBeze Deodorettes (Too cute! My fave is aim to be pleased) 

  • Too cute!!! Possibly the cutest little deodorant EVER!!! Perfect for traveling... perfect for anywhere! I do have some gripes about the consistency of the product, but this stuff really works and keeps you smelling fresh the whole day! 

Skinny Skinny Dry Shampoo (Jasmine)

  • I've used this before a couple of years ago and LOVED it. I'm so glad they have these in stock! The jasmine smells amazeeeballs and now they come in CUTE travel sizes too! I love everything mini! 

Figs & Rouge Balm (I like all of them AND this is not only lip balm, but everything balm!)

  • This is great for your lips, but if you have any dry patches like I do in the cooler weather, this is perfect for that... and for dry elbows. It's a great all over balm and again... perfect to stick in your purse! 

Multi tasking beauty balm (like nars multiple! I like the bronze color!)

  • I haven't tried this yet, but I've heard SO many good things about this. I actually picked this up in bronze, but I have yet to receive it and use it! I think bronze will be perfect to contour the face and I can't wait to try it! 

Shop here at hipapotheca.com :)

Gooooobbbble gobble! xx
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