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Dec 2, 2011 |

Michelle from HipApotheca recommended if I was going to purchase something from their site, it should be their Revolution Organics Multitasking balm...because basically, it's the I tend to just believe her because she is an organics know it all :P but she always has the best recommendations.

I was looking for a good contouring product that was not a powder product and I have found my IT product. Although it is a hefty price, it has easily become one of my new holy grail products.

Here she is! The Multibalms come in this cute cardboard packaging and comes in three colors, a Pink color a Peachy color and a Brown color. I picked it up in Bronzed which is the brown color. It's similar to a Nars Multiple in that it looks like a huge lip balm.

Why so special? NO synthetics, chemicals, parabens, mineral oils, artificial ingredients, petrochemicals, animal testing

Texture: So unique! It's not dry like the Nars Multiple, but I wouldn't quite say it is a cream product. It's kind of like a solified goo type of product? It's kind of reminds me of a really creamy lipstick. or a creamy concealer - kind of like a creamier/more moist version of bobbi brown concealer... It blends like a dream and is easy to build color.

Something strange to note though, in the beginning when I was using it, it was this weird lumpy texture (like above). but after u use it a couple times its smooth now!

Smell: It doesn't smell like anything out of the ordinary. Smells kind of like earth, lipstick, and something a teeny bit sweet. LOL.

Color: It's just a brown color, no real shimmers in it (it has slight shimmer when you look at the balm itself, but not much is visible on face). It leaves a wonderful dewy finish when you build it up. It has some reddish undertones to it so really livens up your face when you put it on.

How I use it: I've only been using this as a contour product. I put it on the hollows of my cheek, my temples, the sides of my nose and near my jawline. Seriously, I've never looked so nicely contoured in my life. Someone even asked me if I lost weight because my face looks slimmer! (HA!) I didn't want to use it on my lips, but for blogging purposes... I did. and SURPRISINGLY, the color actually looks kinda nice when you just dab it on your fingers and on to your lips and feels pretty moisturizing!

Lasting power: It lasts throughout the whole day when I put it on and set it with a powder. I think the dewiness of the product really allows the powder product to stick on for a long long time!!!

Price: It comes at a hefty $34 dollars for .46 oz. *cries*

Pros: Organic, multi-use, amazing texture, long lasting, makes you look slimmer, easy packaging
Cons: Price, when you first use, it has a lumpy texture lol

Conclusion: Holy Grail worthy. It will keep me looking tan and amazing forever! I have been using this in my every day routine and I'm obsessed. I can't even begin to imagine how pretty the pink and peach would look!

You can pick yours up HERE at ! woot woot!
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Eco Beauty Vivi said...

I think this will blend well with my neutral skin tone. It looks natural on the blended swatch you did on your hand!

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