Weight Watchers weigh in #2

Jan 17, 2012 |
Hey guys!!!

I hope you all had a wonderful long weekend :) I've been anticipating my second weigh in because even in just the past week, while counting what I eat, I can feel a difference in my body. My stomach feels a SMIDGE less pudgy (although it def has a long way to go LOL) and I feel good about myself.

Felix and I have been checking in every day about what we ate and how it's going, if we felt hungry, what we think our next steps should be. I remember near the beginning of our journey - we were both... STARVING (lol) because we haven't adjusted to this program yet. Felix would start biting his nails and be like "UGH crap. Human nail - 1 point!" -- then run up and down the stairs 3 times  and say "YAY! 1/4 of a point gained back!" It's silly, but it makes this whole WW thing a bit less serious and a bit more fun. It's kind of fun to be able to share this with a really good support system. It's kinda ... super special ;)

So the week was pretty good - Felix and I ate really healthy because we knew we had a crazy weekend ahead of us. We saved all of our roll over points for our wedding party dinner and our engagement party dinner (which both were HUGE ... and 'omg i feel stuffed' kinda thing). Surprisingly, Felix and I didn't fill ourselves to the max max during this weekend either. I mean we both ate a lot more than usual, but wasn't as much as we usually eat at these sort of gatherings.

I am supposed to weigh myself on Sundays, but I felt like it was unfair and inaccurate because I totally forgot until right after dinner... when I weighed myself then, I was at my heaviest point since I had just eaten - and I weighed the same amount as my first week... which to me, was a good sign. I opted to actually weigh in a little bit off - on Monday late morning, and I saw... for my second weigh in..

I lost 2.5lbs! 

I know it seems like so little, but it's my first weight loss - so what a great first success in the first week. It feels good to know that my activities and healthy lifestyle has begun to take its course and my weight is slowly but surely decreasing.

Thanks to you all for your love and support! <3
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Claudia Moser said...

Well done, my first weighing was the same, let's see tomorrow. Also doing the WW so I do understand!

Shop Citygirl said...

Omg! I just started ww again (had a little too much holiday lol). Keep us posted om your success! I need to stay motivated :)

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