Thank you Masseuse!

Feb 4, 2012 |
I went to get a massage at this place many months ago- probably one of the best massages i've ever gotten in my life. She was like this teeny little japanese lady with the strongest arms/body ever! HAHA! needless to say, i had a coupon, and it was still expensive... so i never went back. I got a cute little email a couple hours ago in my inbox:

Dear Jessica,

How have you been?  We haven't seen you for a while.
We hope everything is well with you.

We wonder how your body is feeling these days. If you have been too busy and not been able to take a good care of your body for a while, please consider coming in for a session to get yourself pampered.

We look forward to hearing from you very soon.

Have a great day!

LOL. I'd be happy to come back.......

for 90% off please? :) 


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