Felix's first Bubbles & Beauty Post :)

Mar 6, 2012 |
Life as a fat boy had been pretty tough but luckily I got on weight watchers, I lost 12 lbs since i started around the new year but now its getting harder. I brought 3 pairs of jeans with Jess recently, I needed it because the other pairs that I got are all ripped at the jer area (crouch area)

I remember in Las vegas, i got so excited that i got a stuff animal from the crane machine that as I was bending down to pick up the stuffy from the machine, i heard a loud ripp sound and it turns out that was my undie ripping hard... i got so scare that it was my jeans that i ask jess to check my butt area before i got up and calmly walk away.

I think i'm at the age where I try to experiment with new things like new business opportunities, I'm a little tired of working and doing things I do not enjoy. Instead I want to find something I enjoy and still make a little money out of it. I got some ideas in my head and I can't wait to put them into action, now I just need to get over this busy season so my ideas can come into play.

fat boy no like winter, its too cold and it makes fat boy sleepy.

Jess level up x5 over this winter, Jess gain grumgrum+ 5 and huggiediaper time+5
fel level down x5 this winter, he gain manboobtime +2 and fartinbed +10

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Anonymous said...

Lol such a funny story but the lingo at the bottom???ima bit confused lol

Jess said...

sigh -- felix is a SERIOUS gamer. LOL........ so he speaks in like levels as if he's mario & luigi or something... HAHA

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