March 2012 MyGlam Bag

Mar 10, 2012 |
So after the whole MyGlam craziness with the X-shine out (the company - not myglam - reused and repackaged their bottles and there was a whole fiasco), I thought that MyGlam would finally take way more advice from the subscribers. Many/most subscribers asked for more makeup, less skincare.... and with that.... here's the myglam bag for march!

Here are all the products that were in my myglam box :)

Here's the bag of the month! I'm not a huge fan of it as I think it looks a little to childish and girly (my fave still being the 'natural' one for january), but I actually love that every month I can look forward to a different type of bag.

Here is a pretty big (probably full size) of a lip conditioner. I have it on my lips, its a fairly normal product. I wouldn't miss it if it weren't in the bag, but it's a pretty good product to throw in your purse. 

I don't care too much about hair products as I have a very sensitive scalp, so I will probably never use this and give it to someone :( 

They have their own myglam fluffy brush. I am pretty impressed by this. The quality is very soft and it's pretty cute, and I can always use an extra brush! 

Then two samples and a $25 off $50 or more off I actually enjoy this store, so this is something I will possibly use (unlike of last month)

When you think about it objectively, overall this month was pretty good as most of these products equate to well over $10 and there was a good mix of skincare, haircare, brushes etc., but considering I was hoping for makeup products, I became quickly disappointed at how this bag was not what I expected.

MyGlam is a brand new company - with its first box in December. I understand there will be mishaps (shipping ones), messups (xshine), and room to grow, so I'm going to stick with the company, hope they listen to their subscribers and pray that they will do better and better :) 

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