How to: Japanese Animal Egg Molds!

Apr 12, 2012 |
As many of you guys know, my good friend Erin came to visit me from Canadia to go to IMATS on Saturday. We're staying at my dad's place and I thought it was the perfect opportunity to make her a super unique and fun breakfast by making use of the new Japanese Egg Molds that I bought from Japantown in LA with Wendy and Felix.

Here is what the molds look like (SO CUTE!)

You first make boiled eggs and then peel them.
While they are still warm, place them in the mold.....

UM. I would recommend using small eggs - as this is a medium/large egg and its having some trouble squishing itself in (time to go on a diet... little egg!)

Then once the molds are closed, place it in some cold water (i'm unsure if this is the right directions... I can't read the japanese directions on the packaging, I just went by what I thought through pictures HAHA)

And look at the cute little suckers! Erin and I had such a special breakfast this morning HAHAH!!
SO CUTE!!! Bears ears look like they are missing.. but they are there!

What a way to welcome her!!! :)))))
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