Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Lip Balm Stain Review & Swatches


 Look how cute these are! Oh man do Clinique Chubby sticks and Tarte Lip Surgence pencils have some tough competition. HOLY CRAP, YES THEY DO!!!! I was lucky enough to spot some of these revlon just bitten kissable balm stains and they are FANTASTIC!!! I've only had it for a day, but I can't stop using them! :P 
I picked up three shades - precious (nude), cherish (cool pink), and sweetheart (bright pink) 

They are these chubby lipbalm sticks that do not have to be sharpened! They twist up! They provide a wonderful balm texture that not only hydrates your lips, but that have a lasting stain. 

I am absolutely adoring the formula of this lip balm stain! HOLY MOLY! It's so nice! It's not as glossy and slick as the tarte lip surgence, but it has more of a balm like texture/feeling that leaves my lips feeling way more hydrated. It has a slight minty scent, which is nice and refreshing - similar to the tarte as well! 

Here are the swatches of the colors on my hand! :)

Here are some lip swatches:
These are just some of my dry nakey lips lol 
Precious: a beautiful everyday nude color! I honestly think this is the PERFECT nude color for me. Just sheer enough so it doesn't make me look dead, but pigmented enough that it looks like an amazing nude!  
Cherish: a beautiful cool pink color. This is a really pretty pink - its not necessarily very unique, but it does look extremely gorgeous on the lips! It stains to a gorgeous pale pink that just looks like you have awesome naturally pigmented lips lol!  
Sweetheart: This is such a fun, hot pink. I think the picture makes it almost look neon which kinda freaks me out, but its a beautiful summer hot pink lip. It's a perfect bright hot pink - not too deep, not too hot. I absolutely adore this one and it stains into a perfect bitten pink look. I can see myself wearing this a lot in the summer!
I thought this combo looked just so pretty - so I had to share it. After sweetheart stained my lips, i wanted to put another balm color on my lip, so i put precious on top of the stained lips and it made the perfect everyday pink color on my lips! YUM! 
Overall, I really...... REALLY... adore these! I have been loving chubby sticks like this for so long - they are easy and pretty. Honestly, I am so glad that Revlon came out with these because now I do not have to waste 20+ dollars on a highend chubby lip pencil when these are just a mere $6.79 (give or take some dollars depending where you are). If you love your chubby lip pencils - look no further. GET THESE NOW!

I am looking forward to getting more - I really really want the orange one! LOL!
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Great review, whered u find em? Im in Cali btw...

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