Charm Bracelet & GIVEAWAY!

About a month ago, I was contacted my soufeel jewelry to try out some of their jewelry. Glancing through their site - it seemed like they had great pieces, but I was naturally drawn to the charm bracelets. They had pandora styled bracelets where you can choose a band and any charms you'd like.

The bracelet arrives with this cute bag! So classy! 

It comes in a beautiful heavy duty box! It would be an amazing gift! 

The bracelet itself is great quality. I love this natural cord as it is very malleable and breathable (although you can opt for the classic silver bracelet).

I ended up choosing 7 charms of my choice... each one had a significant meaning to me. And literally it took me ages to choose which charms I wanted because they had so many options!

The charm quality is very high. If I didn't know any better, I would think it was a pandora bracelet - except it is a fraction of the price. When I was on the website - there was a promotion of buy one get one free as well! Awesome!

If you would like to see the bracelet in action, you can watch my favorites video here:

You can check out their jewelry at

Watch the end of the video above to see how you can win YOUR OWN Charm bracelet worth $100! :)

*sent by the company
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