Wedding OOTD

We just got our wedding pictures back and I made sure to ask my amazing photographer, Albert, if he could make sure to get pictures of my outfit so you all could see who/what I was wearing. 
It was such a magical day and I can't wait to finish sifting through the photos to unveil everything that happened and take you along with me on this amazing journey.

So here was my OOTD on Nov 3, 2012. It was a very windy and cool day... and you definitely wouldn't have known.. you also would have never known that Hurricane Sandy had just passed through as well!
I wore a Monique Lhuillier lace gown. I picked it up at a Kleinfeld's Sample Sale! I was so lucky to find such a gem at a sale :) 

My sash was custom made by Kacey H from Twisted Crystal  - the design was EXACTLY what I was looking for and she was so careful and everything was so thoughtfully made. Each belt is handmade with a bajillion swarovski and pearly beads. So magical! Sashes are SO expensive, but she can help you fit your budget (by adding/taking out beads etc). Every penny gone to this sash was totally worth it! Thank you Kacey!! :) 

My bracelets are from Stella & Dot  - I picked this up when I was with Wendy and she recommended I stack a couple of them together to make a statement with my wrist candy. I'm so glad I have a lil guru to help me out because I LOVED the way this bracelet added fullness and fun to my outfit!

My high heeled shoes are from Kate Spade. These babies added so much sparkly fun to my life and really made me feel like I was walking on a party. They are totally my style and were super comfortable! 

When it was time to kick off my heels and change into more comfortable shoes, I wore these custom made shoes made by my husband! He surprised me with a pair of aldo flats and he took small swarovski pink crystals and glued them on the shoe one by one. He said one shoe had over 1500 crystals!!! Isn't he a keeper!?!! 

My good friend Melissa Chiu Wang who is a fashion designer helped design and make this gorgeous removable piece. She knew that I sometimes feel a little bit self conscious about strapless dresses and didn't want to wear another dress since my wedding dress was a good chunk of money - so she helped to devise a plan to build this for me. I absolutely adored how romantic and comfortable it made me feel! AND i loved how it was removeable! 

The necklace is a borrowed piece from my sister, who wore this custom made diamond necklace on her wedding day <3 

Mel also made my veil which was beyond my wildest dreams. I told her how i loved scalloped detailing and how I loved lace, but I dont like when its so heavy looking. She delicately sewed a scalloped lace border that tapered off as it got closer to the top so it was just enough lace. 

My ceremony hair piece was also custom made by a great childhood friend, Laura who is the owner, designer and maker of all amazeballs jewelry at prismera. I showed her a picture of hair pins that I liked and she totally exceeded all my expectations by making this romantic, delicate and just enough fancy/bling piece.

My reception feather piece was made by WeeGardens. I wanted a blush colored hairpiece and thought a feather might add some fun! 

lastly, is my face. My favorite part of my face? My eyelashes - I think that they were just subtle enough to look natural but full enough to make my eyes look bigger and more beautiful! I absolutely adore these velour lashes in you complete me! They are mink lashes that are my all time favorites!

As for my makeup - all of the makeup was done by me, so it was my every day makeup that I knew I loved: 

Out of all foundations - expensive and cheap, I ended up going with the Revlon ColorStay Whipped foundation. Isn't that ironic?! 
Shadows: Mac - naked lunch, blackberry, carbon 
Eyeliner: dolly wink eyeliner
Concealer: cle de peau 
Blush: Nars Douceur and deep throat
Lips: Shiseido lip lacquer in 203 

Thanks for reading! I can't wait to share more with you about Felix and my big day! <3 

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jenni said...

Lovely pics and Congrats to u and Felix! I luv tje lace design on your wedding dress. And dollywink is obe of my favs-I wear the eyeliner everyday x

wittyusername said...

You dress is lovely, I love lace and the mantilla style veil just tops it off. Your sash was the perfect addition, the icing on the cake. You were a beautiful bride!

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