Sunday Morning Coffee: Relationships

So I've decided that I want to start a new series called Sunday Morning Coffee. Sunday are my days to relax. Felix and I have church around 12:30pm, so we're able to sleep in, enjoy each other's company, have a nice brunch and even get things done around the house. [OK so todays is totally late because I had to do something this morning and didn't get to finish this post til after church! haha :)]

As you all know, I love to just.. chat. So I thought it'd be fun to start a series for me on Sunday mornings to just write my thoughts about topics that are on my heart or ideas that you may have on life.

Today, I shall write to you about relationships. I got an overwhelming and amazing response from my marriage is hard post and wanted to write a sort of.. response to that.

I realized a lot while reading your responses, talking to friends and reflecting on my own thoughts. To me, I used to pride myself (ironically enough) on how selfless and giving I was. When you get married, you realize how ... in fact... selfish you are. In the beginning of our marriage, I used to do things for him because it was fun being a wifey. I would clean dishes, wash and fold his clothes, put them back for him, wipe the kitchen, bathroom, etc. More recently, I began doing those things, not because I was selflessly serving him, but I was thinking of how many times he was NOT doing them. I began doing things to count how many times I was serving him.. and how he sat back and didn't appreciate any of it.

Later did I realize that we serve each other in different ways. Although I may do housework that I dread... like cleaning, putting away clothes, cooking (which I enjoy that one at least), buying everything that we need, etc... I get so engrossed in myself that I forget how much my husband does.

I forget that he drives me everywhere. It sometimes is literally driving miss daisy. Although I drive myself to work and say I could drive places, he ALWAYS offers to take me everywhere - especially when its an inconvenience to him. I forget that he always takes the garbage out. I forget that he will be the one to plan events for us. I forget that he is always happy to give up what he wants to do so I can go shopping. I forget that he always rubs my stomach when its my 'time of the month.' I forget that he puts my desk together, changes the bulbs, closes the windows before I leave and puts the blankets over me when I accidentally fall asleep playing candy crush. I forget that amidst all of my stress and all of his stress, he can make me laugh like a hyena. Then I realize, wow, I don't do much.

I guess my challenge for you is the same challenge I put upon myself. Think outside of yourself. See how much you are blessed. Think about how much God has blessed you and how much He loves you.  This way when you reflect upon your life, you can be in awe and be humbled by how amazing life actually is. Then you can truly and lovingly serve others.

Does this happen to any of you guys? 

P.S. Let me know if there are any topics you'd want me to talk about!! xoxo
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