Japan Day 5: Sega, Namco + Weird Ice Cream!

Aug 8, 2016 |
So day five was made of Felix's dreams lol. We went to Ikebukuro to go explore the arcade scene. 

First stop, we went to some famous ramen place. It only holds like 12-15 people and the line was so long when we got there at 10:30am! Felix nearly fainted at how delicious it was... In fact, we both got a bowl of their special ramen and I could only eat 1/3 of it (too much!) and he finished the rest of mine! He's such a ramen head. 

As we continued on our journey, we ended up at an intersection with an arcade at one section, round 1 at another and The Sega store at another. Felix must've died and went to heaven multiple times today lol. We played some claw machine action for him! 

In between, I got my fix of sticker pictures. OMG. I thought they made you look weird in america, Japanese picture machines are on a whole other level!!!! Let me show you the pictures so you see what I mean LOL. 

I can't. We literally laughed for 10 minutes straight ha ha ha! We look like alien babies!

Later on, we ended up in Namco, where we got a bit adventurous and tried out some weird flavor ice creams. Wow were they weird.. Felix decided to get 6 'normal' flavors and I got 6 'weird' flavors. So glad we didn't do 12 weird flavors or I may be gagging still. I ended up getting the following flavors: miso noodle, indian curry, beef tongue, corn, eel, and wasabi. Some of them surprised me with how good they were - like indian curry was curry-ish but was surprisingly delightful with is savory + sweet + creaminess. Same with corn! Wasabi was interesting because it has such a strong wasabi kick! the rest I didnt like!! Miso was soo salty. Beef tongue had like huge chunks in it which it kinda tasted like jerky, and eel was so gross... it was SOOOO fishy!! All in all, it was a fun experience and we of course filmed it to share with you the craziness!

We then went to the Pokemon store and shopped for some japanese exclusive products. and of COURSE yes! I ended up with some pikachu ears to wear lol! 

The rest of the day was a blur. We shopped here and there, played lots of claws, and ate random goodies! 

It was a fun and tiring day.. but I left with my belly and heart full. Today was the last night in Tokyo for now (our very last day is also in Tokyo before we head back to NY).. Tomorrow we're traveling over to Kyoto! Excited to see all their sights with rich history, delicious matcha... and I hope to catch some GEISHAS! Lolol .. such a tourist...

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