Japan Day 9: Osaka Castle and more food!

Aug 12, 2016 |
Although today said it was 93 degrees, it said it felt like 102. And it was miserable LOL. Our hotel from the train station is a bit further (although right behind dotonburi street) which has made commute a bit more difficult. 

We decided to head to Osaka Castle. Dayumm... it was hot and far. We were walking up all these hills and stuff, I was literally drenched in sweat... but alas we made it. It was very beautiful.. but so was the line to get in. 

Look how far it was ha ha! 

Because of this, we decided seeing the outside and air conditioned gift shop was good enough lol! 

Then we ended up going to HEP Five where we went to the gudatama cafe. I just think this cute little broken egg character is so cute. The food looked adorable but it tasted gross... lol at least I got a decent picture... 

We shopped around the mall and I ended up picking up... many things lol. :-X 

After shopping, we went back to the hotel to drop off our stuff. We were going to rest a bit before heading out but then realized it was 4:50 and the really famous okonomiyake place opens in 10 minutes so we should head out asap before the line gets long! We arrived at 5:07 and praise the Lord, we were the last two seats at the first serving! So excited. We ordered an egg and pork yakisoba, a pork okonomiyake and a seafood one. It was legit the best okonomiyake I've ever eaten. Felix and I ate in silence but kept making sighing sounds of how good the food was LOL! 

So good. When we were done, we walked around again to walk off the food .. of course play a bit of claw for felix and then call it a night! 

Was such a fun night. Osaka is like the fun street food, night life city!!! One more night in Osaka!

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