Humboldt Soap Company Body Butter + GIVEAWAY! :)

Arice, the owner of Humboldt Soap Company reached out to me to send me one of their Body Butters! I was super excited to see her line of awesome natural skin care!

A little bit about Humboldt Soap Company: Arice Miranda is the owner and founder and was a certified massage therapist in many high end spa resorts and noticed that there were many different types of skin issues with clients. Because of this, she decided to create her own affordable spa quality natural skin care products!!! You can read all about her story here!

So I was super excited to try out her body butter! It comes in 9 delicious scents and only has like 6 ingredients -- all in which I KNOW! (best part!)

When the first one shipped over to me, not sure what happened. I think it was left outside too long (it was over 90 degrees that day), the consistency wasn't correct. I sent her an email and she shipped me a new one asap (great customer service!).

When I got my second one - I was overtaken by the delicious smell of vanilla sugar. This scent always reminds me of the holidays, so I was SO excited to rip into it and use it! The first thing I noticed when I touched it was the consistency. It was such a unique feel since usually whipped body butters are relatively soft. This one was almost the consistency of raw cookie dough. Kinda thick, but kinda fluffy.

When you put it on your skin, it just melts with your body temperature. It's is quite thick and almost felt greasy when you first put it on. It took more work than other body butters to spread it across my skin. However, the cool part about it was that after I rubbed it all in, it became almost silky and powdery and didn't feel greasy anymore.

First putting it on! 

Starting to rub it in! 

Fully absorbed! 
I especially LOVED putting this on my elbows, eczema spots, knees and heels. It seemed to really love and nourish those spots because they were so dry.

The best part about it all? The scent lingers. Usually scents disappear off my skin the moment I rub it in, but this one lingered around for a while. I loved getting a sweet kick once in a while!

Now, I like this product so much - I want to give one away to YOU guys! I want to personally buy a whipped body butter of your choice to send over to you! All you have to do is follow my blog and comment below: your name, where you're from and what scent you'd be interested in!

Thanks Arice for introducing me to your awesome soap company! I'm looking forward to trying out some of your other goodies, because I definitely loved this one! If you're interested in purchasing anything from Humboldt Soap Company click here!
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