New!! Drunk Elephant Hair + Body Line!

I've been WAITING for these products to come into my life-- and I was so excited when Drunk Elephant sent these my way. I've been trying these products (except the deodorant) for over 2 weeks and I'm ready to give you my thoughts! :D I have sensitive but oily scalp (that flakes like crazyy) and my hair is thick, dry and frizzy. lol. It's the weirdest and worst mix!

Here is a breakdown of each product!

--Before I go into the breakdown-- I should let you know that the whole line of products has a sweet almond smell. It's one of those smells that's nostalgic for me so I'm obsessed with it -- but wanted to put that out there incase any one is sensitive to smells!

T.L.C. Happi Scalp Scrub $36 for 6 fl oz: This is one of the best scalp scrubs I've tried before. This has an AHA/BHA acid blend to break down and dissolve dead skin and buildup while also using plant cellulose exfoliating beads. (Perfect blend of chemical and physical exoliation!) You use this by putting this directly on your scalp before you shower and leave in for 10 minutes.. then wash hair.

Usually scalp scrubs are very difficult to get into my scalp because I have a lot of hair, so it ends up usually in my hair and never reaches my scalp. I love that this has a little nozzle to get right into your scalp. They recommend parting your hair, putting the product, rub - the repeat all over your head. It was a bit time consuming to put it on my scalp, but completely worth it. 1 minute in, I can feel all the AHA/BHA working in my scalp to break down all the gunk with a slight tingly sensation (so be careful sensitive scalp folks!). It felt SO good. 10 minutes later, I shampooed and showered and my scalp felt GREAT. I highly highly recommend this -- I already picked up a back up from the Sephora sale!

Cocomino Glossing Shampoo and Marula Cream Conditioner $25 each for 8 fl oz each: These two are a match made in heaven -- but you must.. i repeat you MUST purchase them together!! When I first used the shampoo, it made my hair feel so darn clean -- so clean that you DO NOT need to repeat your shampoo process (so you don't need as much as standard shampoos) - but also to the point where it almost felt squeaky and knotty. THEN.. you put in that conditioner and your hair TRANSFORMS into SILK. I couldn't believe it - no combination of products have ever made my hair feel so silky before. Using this for over 6 times, I can tell you, my hair feels so clean, healthy and strong after using these in conjunction with the scalp scrub. I would not use either product on its own (as i feel the shampoo makes my hair feel too squeaky and the conditioner makes my hair too glossy), but together it makes the perfect balance for one another.

Wild Marula Tangle Spray $25 for 4 fl oz: I was most surprised about this product because I don't tend to use any sort of tangle spray or smoothing sprays but I was surprised that I loved this product so much. This is a heat protectant/detangler/smoother/antistatic product all in one. When I used it, it did make my hair shinier and smoother - but my favorite part of it all was that it didn't feel heavy like my hair usually does when I put on antifrizz products!

Kamili Cream Body Cleanser $20 for 8 fl oz: Don't get me wrong - I liked this. I liked that it is a super mild gentle cleanser with plant oils and amino acids to replenish and sooth my skin. It worked beautifully on my skin and felt amazing and moisturizing without feeling like my skin was stripped clean. I would say if you have the money - definitely go for it. However, if you don't - I do feel like they have similar gentle, amazing items on the market for a fraction of the cost. I will use this product and use it well, but I probably will not repurchase this.

Sili Body Lotion $20 for 8 fl oz: This was another product that surprised me because I tend to like thick luxurious lotions where I have to sit and let the product sink in. This was completely opposite of that - this was a lightweight moisturizer that literally sinks RIGHT into your skin. No greasy residue, no trace of lotion on your skin except extremely hydrated skin. It's packed with nourishing plant oils, and butters, squalane, strengthening amino acids, a reparative 5 ceramide blend and barrier supportive sodium PCA. Whoa, that's a lot of stuff - but I can definitely see this being one of my summer staples for sure. I love how it feels on my skin - and my skin loves how it feels after I use it!

Sweet Pitti Deodorant Cream $16 for 2 fl oz: Sorry, but being in quarantine I haven't even THOUGHT to put on deodorant even though I've been working out every day lol! This is a cream deodorant formulated to sooth and moisturize underarms and I cannot wait to try this out!!

Overall, I think this was a great step for Drunk Elephant to branch out to these fun hair and body lines. Products I will definitely be repurchasing are the scrub (which I already did!) and when I'm feeling luxurious - I may pick up the shampoo/conditioner and spray. While I love most of the products, some products I just feel like aren't worth the heavy price tag for what it is.. although if you've got the money to purchase it, it's definitely worth a try!

You can purchase these items at drunkelephant or at sephora. :) Happy Shopping!

**Thank you so much to Drunk Elephant for sending me over these goodies! I have been so excited using all these products!!!

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