About Me

Hey everyone! First of all, I just wanted to thank you for stopping by my page!

My name is Jessica- I love God, life, my dad, my sister, my fiance, smiling, laughing, joking... and the list can go on forever!! I grew up in New York, went to college in Boston, lived there for a couple of years and now am back to NY! I recently graduated from grad school... I feel kinda cool saying I am a Master ;D I studied Intellectual Disabilities and Autism and am currently teaching/subbing in the special education department. I love kids! So I am teacher by day and makeup geek by night ;)

Some other passions I have are Jesus Christ, music, cooking, shopping, makeup/beauty products, reading books and blogs, and watching anything that is trashy.

About Felix:
You may notice Felix may come up quite frequently :) He is my freaking fanTASTIC fiance. We got engaged Oct 15, 2011!! :) He is funny, carefree, loving ... and really knows how to live life to the fullest. On his time off, he likes to watch funny shows, play video games (especially League of Legends), eat good food, bake, hang out with friends and family and play/dream about weird animals.

He used to be in the restaurant business as a pastry cook, but because I couldn't handle the craziness of his hours, he left the industry and now works as a health and safety specialist/trainer.

I hope you enjoy reading about all my beauty needs -- and about our lives!! xx