Why is this blog called bubbles and beauty?
I named it bubbles&beauty because this is my blog about all things beauty! To me, beauty is more than just make up and hair products, but it is also skin care, taking care of your body (like taking BUBBLE baths haha, get it?) and taking care of your life! So here I talk beauty, bubbles, and ups and downs of life.

What is "Jess' Corner" and "Felix's Corner"?
Instead of having a separate, personal blog, I decided to make this blog not only about makeup and beauty, but also about daily living... and my own life! Thus, I decided to smush my personal blog and my beauty blog into one - creating a more holistic, wonderful conglomeration of a blog.

Felix's Corner is dedicated to Felix blogging about his own life. I decided to add his own section because not only do I want him to be a part of my blog, but many of you love his energy and have requested more of Felix!! So here he is!