bring it on, new year!

Jan 2, 2009 |
so in light of the new year, i decided starting a blog might be something fun to do. My boyfriend started a blog recently to document his life as a pastry cook, and i thought, HM, it might be fun to document my crazy bazy life and thoughts! So here it is!

I was going to write about all the fun things I did over break, but decided, its 2009! time to start fresh! I can't believe break is almost over and it's almost time to go back to teaching. Crazy how time has been flying.

Some things I hope to make a habit in 2009:
Drink LOTS of water
Lotion up every day (dry itchy skin is awful! esp when you walk to school everyday)
Go swimming twice a week

Some things I hope to stop in 2009:
Spending too much money at the grocery store
Online shopping like a maniac

Some things I hope to do in 2009:
Go re-explore museums: Science Museum, MFA, Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, etc.
Go to a Boston Symphony Orchestra concert
Travel somewhere awesome- like Europe!
Make my sister's wedding perfect for her

I hope I didn't make 2009 impossible for myself! :)

See y'all soon -J
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