Jan 3, 2009 |
OMG. writing thank you notes are SOO not fun.

Before break, I was bombarded with so many awesome gifts - plates of cookies, fudge, chocolates, gift cards (minado, book stores, shops, starbucks, traderjoes), ornaments, jewelry, etc. It was so thoughtful of all of parents to think of me during the holiday season. And now that school is almost starting again, crap! time to write them thank you notes!

Some of the things I want to write:

"Dear ____, Thank you for your gifts. I deserve it because you have the most spoiled, awful children in the world."

"Dear ____, Thank you for your thoughtful gift. Since your child ruined my sweater with his dirty, marker/dirt/booger filled fingers, this gift paid for a new one."

"Dear ____, Since you never send your child with snacks, she always eats mine. Thanks for your gift card so I can buy her some more"

Sigh, thank goodness not all of them are crazy... so I can use the good ones as templates for the kids I don't like so much :P
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