I'm really tired of boogers...

Jan 28, 2009 |

My kindergarteners have a severe issue. They love to pick their noses...

after they pick their noses, they do one of 3 things:
#1 they eat it
#2 they show it to you
and #3 they stick it to whatever they see. (note these are not real boogers)

So yesterday, my small friend had 3 bloody noses. because of course, he loves to go digging deep for treasure. the second time his nose bled, he told me "i think i keep getting bloody noses because i'm picking too hard." (great.) The third time, I got fed up and took him to the nurse. The nurse got him all cleaned up blahblahblah, and then we headed back to the classroom. then we had the grossest conversation ever....

Child: Ms. Lee, my boogers just came up from my throat into my mouth... and then i swallowed it back down.
Me: um.. next time you should just spit it out... ew...
Child: NO! not ew, DELICIOUS!!!!


Then I read this funny idea from some blog. maybe the kids just like to feel the texture of boogers.. or they like to play with boogers, (well I can't help them with the eating boogers part). She thought it might be fun to make a booger ball!

A very Swell Idea, Inc. (www.boogerball.com)

I think it's a great idea, I just may try it in the classroom, and we'll see how it works! :P
happy snow day! whoohoo :) -J
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