Feb 28, 2009 |
so for some reason, i secretly love feeling emo. (not that i'm a masochist or anything lol) There's just something so real about feeling pain.. it makes me remember that i'm alive and that i need to dig through the pain in order to truly find myself and my happiness... to feel so worthless so I can feel God's greatness and love. I dont know if that makes sense... but anyways...

i think this is why i love music. the sounds bring me to this place. It's funny how specific chords can make you feel like you want to crawl in your bed and not be around anyone, make you feel like you are rolling around in grass on a happy day, make you feel like you are high on drugs... amazing how music can change your soul and your mood.

I've been listening to T.I.'s CD over and over again. hahaha... i LOVE it. but I needed some soft music, so I decided to buy Adele's CD. OMG. Her sultry, rich, creamy, velvety voice .. omg just took my breath away. I almost felt her heart breaking during some of these songs, and I wanted to cry. ANYWAYS.. After obsessing by myself, i decided to stalk her (Duh) and look her up and stuff. (since her album cover is basically just of her eyelashes lol). I dont know why I was shocked when I saw her pics and her videos- i guess it was that she doesn't look like the conventional pop (or soul:P) singer- skinny, big haired, little clothed person, when i looked through her pictures..., i couldn't stop thinking "big girl, you are beautiful" :P

My favorites from her CD--
Chasing pavements (you'd probably be familiar with this song)

Make you feel my love

Melt my heart to stone

ahh... i think studying for my music license might be making me crazy LOL. well...! back to it :) -j
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