The Value of the Dollar

Apr 5, 2009 |
Sometimes the kids that get under my skin the most are just the cutest. I have this one student (fifth grader) that is so smart, but is such a wiseass sometimes that I could really smack him in the head (of course serious consequences would come about lol).

So he was chatting with me about the value of the dollar. (haha.) he really wants netflix. He loves that you get to watch all the movies you want. He loves the freedom of it and the fact that he doesn't have to do any traveling for it. He was so psyched about it, but he had one problem. with his allowance ($4/week), and the monthly cost of netflix ($15.99/m), he would only be able to save one cent a month... or 12c per year. That means it would take him over two years to earn enough money to buy a bouncy ball out of the 25c machine. He decided that it wasn't worth it, that he would rather watch reruns on no cable tv than to have no money at all. Then he proceeded to ask his brother if he wanted to split the monthly netflix charge with him :)

I wish I had that much self control haha or at least the brains to do something wise! -j
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