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Mar 24, 2009 |
We all tell our kindergarteners to use their imagination, to be creative.. to live life believing anything can happen. Essentially, we tell them to be inventors and creators of anything.

so all the kids went out to recess except one little poopster. ahh.. wonder WHY she is inside? she is trying to fix her jacket. for some reason, the zipper seems broken. As i try and sit and fix it.. ladeedahh... I realize that this jacket will never be fixed. the actually zippy thing came out, so there was no way i was going to get the thing on both sides.

I sat thinking ah crap. it's too cold for you to go outside with ur jacket like that. I was like what can hold ur jacket together? and she says... how ... about TAPE! and so there I go with a huge roll of bright blue masking tape on her lavender, big puffy jacket. I made her raise her hands, as we did three rounds of tape around the middle of the jacket, three rounds just above her chest, and three rounds just below her belly button. problem solved. here we have a cute little tied up ham ready to go in the oven. invention solved and she and i proudly walked through the halls.

as we walked through the halls, all the teachers looked and smiled. i'm pretty sure it made everyone's days. one teacher looks in shock and goes "creative."

haha. crazydays. have a great night! -j
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