the biggest bully ever.

May 4, 2010 |
i think about this moment.. and it STILL makes me laugh. HAHA!

because lots of our kids like to tease each other and we get concerns from parents, we have been doing a lot of bully prevention activities and team building games. amidst all of this, as the children are trying to learn how to be kind to one another... we have found the biggest bully EVER.

One of the teachers! (Let's name him Tim Lagen)
*bg: he is actually an incredibly friendly, talented and intelligent person- he's so kind to all of the kids (unless the kids are annoying, we have to use him to raise his voice at them since he has the strongest voice out of us mere women cries) and would do anything to make these children smile!*

so here is what happened:

One of the children, let's say his name is Narden, is so excited because he found a caterpillar! Now these are rare because usually there are inch worms.. but man, a caterpillar only once in a while. He is SOOOO excited and comes running up to me going JESS JESS!! i'm likes Yes Narden? And he goes "LOOK! I FOUND A CATERPILLAR!!!!!"

Now, this caterpillar is mighty small, so I have to stick my face... pretty much in his hands because I have to get close to actually see it. Tim Lagen, thinking I am grossed out and want to flick it or something, comes in to try and save the day.

Tim Says, "OHHHH, let me take care of that" and BLOWS the caterpillar away. (everyone now gets wide eyed and thinks in their heads. o m g)

As the world is going in slow motion... Narden goes "NOOOOO" and frantically goes on his knees to try and search for this caterpillar.

Tim minorly freaks out and goes "Omg. i thought that it was a joke..."

So then Tim and I get on our knees and start looking for this caterpillar. Tim finds some worm and goes "Narden, there's one right here." and Narden, looking down, says "that's not the caterpillar. that's only an inch worm."

Tim now is feeling TERRIBLE and has this sinking feeling in his gut because he didn't mean no harm! He was just playin a harmless joke! And he says, "Narden, I'm so sorry. I didn't realize how important the caterpillar was to you. I feel like a terrible big bully that just picked on a little kid. I'm like the worst teacher ever!"

And Narden.... that sweet sweet Narden..

He looks up, uses his nastyass sleeve to wipe those tears from his eyes... looks at Tim, eyes fill with tears again.. and says, "It's Ok Tim, I know you didn't mean it."

Then his mom came to pick him up. And he left with no caterpillar in his hand.

OMG is your heart breaking or what!!!!!!!? them little kids and their forgiving hearts. sigh.
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