Dear Felix,

May 15, 2010 |
sometimes i forget how good i have it.

When life goes day after day-- with troubles and stresses getting in the way-- i forget that I have such a beautiful heart and such a kind soul in my life. I forget that if i let it, your smile can erase everything painful in this world.

someone who is there for me, constantly nagging me about the things i need to do and finish- yet supporting me when i finally get my lazy ass to do things, caring enough to memorize my schedule in order to remind me when I am going out or doing things.

someone who pushes my buttons, making me feel crazy and annoyed- yet you continue to do it because you want to help me become a better person, to help me lead a God filled, fuller, happier, carefree life.

someone who spends hours and hours thinking up a beautiful gift for me, for every holiday- even if it is an odd # month anniversary. I never realized that each gift you've given me has a specific purpose that was thoughtfully planned, just for me.

someone who puts me first, even before yourself. i know that you would rather save all the money you have to buy me a perfect gift... even though i know you've been wanting that PS3...

reminding me that i'm loved by the little things you do- an email every morning, a text when i get home from work just to make sure i got home okay, wishing me good luck on something that is important to me, washing my clothes when i am not home, making sure i have enough food to eat, planning surprise parties for me, spending hours of your time working on the perfect cake for me (yet i eat it and don't even realize..)

thank you for making my world into a cartoon. V (^_____^) V

i hope you have the best, most fun and sparkly day in the world.

Happy birthday bun <3
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