Come in and take your shoes off.

Jul 28, 2010 |
So my new roomie and I got to our new apartment in the city and started cleaning it today. It would've been a normal sort of ordeal if some strange things didn't occur.

#1. My roommate took out the big quart size take out plastic containers.
#2. My roommate used those containers to put very large scrubby pads for cleaning the stove and hard to clean pans.
#3 As we are cleaning, we realized we ran out of wet jet fluid. Rather than buying more, we start spraying whatever sprays we got on the floor as she continued to push her wet jet swiffer around.
#4. We put all of our plastic bags together and put them in a drawer to save for the future.
#5. We put a bed sheet over our couch.
#6. We put in a starfish sink drain thing in our kitchen sink.
#7. My roommate asked me if I've ever used a dish washer. I said no. She says, me either.. so.. we'll use it as a dish rack.

I then realize how our parents have kinda made us fobs. We're going to have a fob apartment..!??!? before you know it, all of our remotes will be Saran wrapped and our stove will be covered in foil. lol jk. maybe.. but as exciting and fun as this is. It is quite a bittersweet feeling. I'm excited to be living out in the city with one of my childhood friends.. someone i've really grown to love and adore, but at the same time, it feels strange to be leaving the past 6 years of my life behind me.

i guess a new chapter is really beginning.. hot damn.
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