God's with me!!

Jul 28, 2010 |
So i woke up .. LOL sadder than ever. i had the saddest dream (clearly showing my anxiety i have with starting school again and teaching), and i woke up feeling sooo down. but then i was reminded of my God that is here for me and loving me and caring for me- and that amidst all of my stress and sorrow, I have an amazing God that is here with me.

Part of Felix and my daily emails:
so don't worry hunhun, I'm here for you!!! and you have Big Daddy (God) and small daddy (Vinchin lee) lol they are all here for you too... so don't be afraid =)

Steph and my convo on gchat:
me: nooo
i was there yesterdayy
i dont have a bed yet LOL

i didn't know i could make a cross
i meant to click a new tab
but clicked option instead and it made a cross!
steph: hahah
jesus invaded your IM

Thank you to God and to my loving friends for reminding me that I am never alone :)
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