Review: Nivea A Kiss of Recovery

Nov 12, 2010 |
Chapped Gross Lips gettin' you down?

I def have a case of the CGLs. :( The weather is starting to get cooler, your lips and body are starting to get dryer... and damn... your lips are crackin everywhere and bleeding and pretty much feel like they are on fire. SOUND LIKE YOU?!

haha me too. literally, i felt the red ring around my lips were forming (you know when you know they are REALLY chapped...) and usually I run to the drugstore and pick up a carmex or a blistex medex stuff (dang so many exes)... you know the stuff that really tingles your lips and you are like AHH... i know you are workinnnn!? I kinda like those tingles similarly to the way I like to rub bruises. It hurts so bad that it feels good.

Then when I was reaching for my usual... I saw "NEW: NIVEA A KISS OF RECOVERY".. hm.. i'm intrigued. now i love nivea to begin with, but one that heals? and not to mention, it had a cute little + sign that said "plus instant relief" haha and i was thinking... SOLD!!!

Anyway.. I purchased it and put it on my lips. for a SECOND, i found a tingle, but it quickly went away. It felt like normal, as if I just put any normal chapstick on my lips. but then all of a sudden... my lips didn't hurt anymore... and then my crack lips seemed to feel smooth.. and what? no hurting tingling sensation to let me know?


It's true, it's a healer thats got no tingle. I'm convinced. not only that, but I'm the girl that can never keep things on my lips (lol). i will shmooge my lips, purse them, lick them, kiss other people (jk), eat... nothing stays on my lips longer than an hour, but honest to god.. I put this stuff on at 650- and it is still on my lips. I mean, given because it was a new product, I was shmooging (ok pretty sure that's not a word) to an extreme... but I definitely still feel the product!

First impressions? I'm SOLD. This will be my winter go-to-lip care. anyone want to challenge me?

Pros: No tingle, heals, long lasting, nice packaging.. WORKS
Cons: price for nivea lip balms are always a bit more than usual. I think I paid 3.29 for it at my local Duane Reade.

Grade: A+, for suresies.

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sharon said...

me too! i'm getting the CGLs. thanks for the tip - i'll be sure to pick some up!!! always looking for some good lip stuff :)

Anonymous said...

just got a bunch of these from the 99 cent store :))))

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