Viva Glam GAGA 2 Review

Feb 21, 2011 |
I love my Gaga! I do, I do... but how do I feel about these new nude shades??

They are OK. haha!

The Lipstick itself is an amplified lipstick... and honestly, it's another nude that makes me look like a dead person. (What else do I expect!) --even with lipliner, i have to dab the lipstick on ever so gently to get it to look good. Although the color is nice, its easily dupe-able and takes too much maintenance for me to wear on a daily basis or to take to touch up!

The Lipgloss to me is a-whole-nother story! I'm loving it! It's a gloss version of the lipstick and its a nice opaque gloss. I love to top it over my favorite lipsticks and it just really adds a nice creamy, milky look on top! I absolutely adore it!

Swatches- top is viva glam gaga 2, middle is soft nude (just for comparison), bottom is the gaga gloss which is actually darker than what is shown!

Would I repurchase? Maybe......

for the love of Gaga & the cause... YES! :)
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♥ c.angie ♥ said...

omgggggggggg should i get it? but i dont really wear nude WAHH

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