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Apr 15, 2011 |
I have been a die hard pretty and cute fan for a LONG time. I've probably been purchasing their products for about a good year now! I still remember my first purchase because I made a video on it! They are one of my favorite asian beauty online stores because of their amazing customer service, products and fast shipping!!!

I recently received a message from Janie, the pretty&cute owner, asking if i wanted to be a p&c guru/blogger! I nearly fell to the floor because I was so shocked she would ask me! I kept checking the email to make sure it was me, but yes! It did say Jessica! Haha! So I'm super excited to share with you guys that I will be joining the P&C band wagon and doing tutorials on their new youtube channel once in a while and blogging on their blog :D Be sure to check them out....

and check out my very first post! I review some of my FAVORITE glosses: the Lioele Blooming Glosses :D

Big thanks to p&c for this opportunity and to the wonderful janie for being a fabulous you :)
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Mindy♥ said...

Jess!! I'm so happy for you! I LOVEEE P&C and to see that you are their blogger now makes me :D!!! Can't wait for your blog posts on here and the P&C blog! xoxo

Anonymous said...

Congratulations!! (:

ErinElizabeth said...

I am so super proud of you!!!! And happy for you!!! And I love you!!!!!!! And you are going to make me go broke because you KNOW I will buy everything you review!!! LOL
LOVE YOU!!! said...

Wow, congrats. That is very exciting and such an honor. I just found your blog, definitely following now.

I have a fashion blog here in California

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